Opportunity Fund grants are intended for special projects or emergencies that are not part of an organization’s ongoing work. These activities are frequently in response to rapidly emerging issues and might include: demonstrations and rallies, coalition efforts, conferences, or forums.

The Opportunity Fund makes grants to groups that:

  • Meet all basic eligibility requirements and funding criteria
  • Are facing an emerging issue, project, or situation that is not part of the organization’s ongoing work
  • Have not received an Opportunity Fund grant within the past 12 months
Grants range from $50 to $500. Groups who have received grants from the Opportunity Fund in the past year may not reapply in the following grant cycle.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be located in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Camden counties
  • Must have an organizational or a distinct project budget that is less than $300,000
  • Must be tax-exempt or have a fiscal sponsor that is tax-exempt or have a pending 501(c)3 application
  • Must have completed all progress reports from previous Bread & Roses grants. Failure to submit progress reports will disqualify organizations from future funding
  • Must submit a complete application

Funding Criteria:

Bread & Roses provides grants to groups that have a long-term vision and engage strategies that promote social justice, including:
  • A focus on organizing and activism (not social service work)
  • A clear understanding of the root causes of the problem they are working to resolve
  • A strategy that includes collective action by the community and results in concrete outcomes
  • A vision that emphasizes changing the systems that create or perpetuate the problem being addressed
  • Leadership that is primarily composed of people affected by the problem that is being addressed
  • A priority for developing leadership from within the affected community