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The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative is a fund that provides grants for criminal justice reform activism. Grantees target issues that include (but are not limited to) police accountability, racially biased sentencing policies, growth of the for-profit prison industry, criminalization of youth, and the death penalty.

The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative makes grants to groups that:

  • Meet all basic eligibility requirements and funding criteria
  • Have a long-term vision and engage strategies that promote justice within criminal justice systems
  • Are building a base for taking collective action against injustices within the criminal justice systems
Grants range from $2,000 to $6,000 annually. Groups who have received grants from the Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative in the past may reapply in the following grant cycle.

Basic Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be located in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Camden counties
  • Must have an organizational or a distinct project budget that is less than $300,000
  • Must be tax-exempt or have a fiscal sponsor that is tax-exempt or have a pending 501(c)3 application
  • Must have completed all progress reports from previous Bread & Roses grants. Failure to submit progress reports will disqualify organizations from future funding
  • Must submit a complete application

Funding Criteria:

Bread & Roses provides grants to groups that have a long-term vision and engage strategies that promote social justice, including:
  • A focus on organizing and activism (not social service work)
  • A clear understanding of the root causes of the problem they are working to resolve
  • A strategy that includes collective action by the community and results in concrete outcomes
  • A vision that emphasizes changing the systems that create or perpetuate the problem being addressed
  • Leadership that is primarily composed of people affected by the problem that is being addressed
  • A priority for developing leadership from within the affected community
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